Wednesday, 8 April 2020

All about PMP and CCBA

Business Analysis and Project Management have become two of the fastest advancing career options for professionals all around the world. However, succeeding in either of them can be really competitive due to the increasing number of professionals in the field. However, if you have a certification in your respective fields from one of the best institutes, it can become comparatively easier. Business Analysis professionals can go in for one of the IIBA certification like ECBA or CCBA. ECBA is an entry-level certification, whereas, CCBA is one of the most advanced ones. For Project Management professionals, PMI is the institute to look out for. The entry-level certification regulated by the same is CAPM, whereas, PMP certifications are the most advanced ones. Let us learn a bit more about the advanced certifications in either field by getting to know their respective eligibility criteria.

Who are eligible for CCBA Certification?

If you are willing to appear for the CCBA exam, you need to be perfectly satisfying all the terms and conditions laid down by IIBA:
  1. You need to have a minimum education to up to high school.
  2. You must have gained work experience of at least 7 years. You must have devoted at least 3750 hours working as a business analyst, with 900 hours spent in each of the 2 or 500 hours each in 4 of the 6 BAKok guide knowledge areas.
  3. You also must have successfully gained a minimum of 21 hours of professional development during the tenure of the past 4 years.
  4. Once you fulfill the above-mentioned criteria, all you shall be required to do is agree with the terms and conditions and code of conduct which is mandatory for the IIBA certification.
Who are eligible for PMP certification?
There are two different sets of eligibility criteria laid down by the PMI for PMP certification. Below mentioned are the two of them. Even if you successfully satisfy one of them, you can appear for the PMP exam.
  1. High school diploma holders need to have a work experience of minimum 5 years to apply for PMP. In those 5 years. They must also have worked for projects as a manager for at least 7500 hours. Thereafter, the applicants need to appear for a 35 hours mandatory PMP program before they become eligible for the exam.
  2. Degree holders need only 3 years of experience before they can look forward to the PMP certification. In those 3 years, 4500 hours must be spent working as a project manager of various projects. The 35 hours PMP program is mandatory for degree holders too before they can appear for the exam.
If you are eligible for either of the above-mentioned certifications based on your professional background, you must try to get them at the earliest possible. I would not only grant you an upper hand over non certified p[professionals but also allow you to cater to endless opportunities that pop up throughout the world. Moreover, the certifications given out by IIBA and PMI are recognized by all the major companies, therefore, you can try your luck with the best of the corporates in the business world. Once you have the certification, it can actually boost your career graph to a great extent.

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Looking for a career in Project Management?

As a project manager, your certifications can go along way in boosting your career and take the graph of your career higher in the longer term. Both the CAPM exam and PMP course are excellent ways for project managers to test their skills and knowledge on a global scale and announce to the world that they are ready for taking up global challenges and work on an international level.
While CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) is for the newer blood, professionals with less experience, PMP (Project Management Professional) is for project managers who have been in the industry for a few years now and have considerable experience under their belt.

Once you are certified by the PMI, you have a worldwide appeal as a certified project manager with the ability to lead projects globally while leading and directing the entire team with cohesion towards the goal. The global exposure ensures that your career has no downward spiral and only grows from thereon. Both these certifications boost the chances of your career growth and your ability to draw in a higher salary.

When can you apply for PMP?

To be eligible for the PMP course, candidates must first clear the following eligibility criteria:
  • Candidate must have either a bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma.
  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree must have at least 3 years of experience working as a project manager with 4500 hours clocked as director or lead of projects.
  • Candidates with high school diplomas must have at least 5 years of experience working as a project manager with 7500 hours clocked as director or lead of projects.
  • Candidates must complete the 35-hour rigorous study program on PMBoK.
When can you apply for CAPM?
To be eligible for the CAPM training and certification, candidates must first clear the following eligibility criteria:

  • Candidate must have at least a secondary school or higher degree.
  • Candidate must have at least 1500 hours of work experience with no definitive number of years required to be eligible.
  • Candidate must have 23 hours of PMBoK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) study under their belt for CAPM.

Monday, 6 April 2020

All about IIBA and PMI Certifications

What is IIBA?

International Institute of Business Analysis is one of the most reputed institutes which regulate certifications for professional Business Analysts. It is considered to be one of its kind and the certifications issued by it are valued highly in the corporate world.
What is PMI?

PMI is one of the best institutes that give away certifications in the field of Project Management. The certifications regulated by PMI are accepted globally by most of the companies and can actually turn around the complete career path of professionals.

What are the certifications regulated by IIBA?

Below mentioned are some of the most important certifications regulated by IIBA:
  • ECBA: ECBA is an entry-level IIBA certification which can be really helpful in creating a great career for people who are willing to enter into the field of Business Analysis. It can also be helpful for professionals who have started off their career in Business Analysis and are looking forward to boosting their career.
  • CCBA: CCBA is the most advanced IIBA certification. To fetch the same, professionals need at least 7 years of work experience. Additionally, they also must have gained 21 hours of professional development in the past 4 years.
What are the certifications regulated by PMI?
Below mentioned are some of the most important certifications regulated by PMI:
  • CAPM: CAPM is an entry-level certification for professionals in the field of project management. Applicants do not even need any mandatory work experience to appear for the CAPM certification exam. Applicants either need 1500 hours of work experience or just complete a 23-hour study course regulated by PMI to become eligible for the CAPM exam. For detailed eligibility criteria, you can visit the official PMI website and check out your eligibility.
  • PMP: PMP certification is considered to be one of the most advanced documentation in the field of project management. However, to gain the certification, professionals need a whole lot of work experience as well as preparation to easily clear off the PMP certification exam. PMP is accepted globally by all the major companies around the world.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

How will you use your CBAP Certification in the future?

The word business is associated in every sphere of life and even the definition of business carries a lot of meaning. Searching for different techniques to develop your business? You can even put your CBAP Certification into use. No matter whether you are a business person or a hired employee of some company the certificate will value both the career objectives. So if you are yet to start-up your initiative then it will be beneficial. A certification that can be used life long.
CBAP Certification help business analyst

Look out the different ways for your CBAP certification in multiple ways.

Enhance the business –

As a business analyst your objective will be to uplift the condition of the company. Understanding the client's demand and to carry out according to the requirement will be the primary motive. It covers the various areas of the business. Analyze the statistics and record them accordingly to execute the plans. Have the vision to anticipate the condition of the market to take beneficial measures for the business.

Change your career course –

If you are an experienced candidate then through the CBAP Certification you can become a business analyst or take up PMP Course as well. It will open several career options for you as the job vacancies are more for this profile.


Investment bankers, angel investors or entrepreneurs are trained persons. So if you want to try your luck and give a wing to your unfulfilled aspiration then get through this training. This can change your destiny and make you an extraordinary or a notable identity for a mere citizen.

Learn about business flaws –

Many businesses don't survive in the market due to adverse situations. Communication skills demand fulfillment, proper marketing, and so others. Learn the ways to continue your business according to the requirement. Try to be flexible with your business idea and don't implement outdated plans. Be innovative and utilize your creativity to mold out the best of your plans.

Now you can decide to mold your career in the right direction as this certification will solve your problem rather than help you to choose your career objective.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

What are the important areas covered in PMP Exam Prep?

You learn different things from different courses and then use that in your career. No matter it is a CCba certification or a PMP Exam Prep you will learn a list of new things. To know about the module and prepare yourself wisely. Make a difference among the others and score well in the exam.
Follow the guidelines for PMP Exam Prep
Following the list of the mentioned guidelines will make you ready for the exam. Know about the detailed structure of the PMP Exam Prep.

  • Complete the entire course and earn 35 PDUs each hour.

  • Prepare your exam and get a chance to explain the project management process

  • Explain the charts and the other business models and assessments and the methodologies of the project management.

  • Practical training and on-field experience

  • Seminars regarding the different PMP sessions to clarify the doubts and keep the candidates updated.

  • An interactive session of the PMBOK 6TH Edition

  • Learn to make flow charts and bar graphs of the different projects

  • Compare and point out the critical areas to be looked upon and search for a valid solution.
Fundamentals of the preparation

Apart from the entire preparation session, there are a few more requirements.
  • Exam preparation also depends on the ability and caliber of the candidate to withstand the pressure of the updated modules.

  • The preparation will remain incomplete if you cannot qualify in the exam so if required to increase your preparation skills.

  • The exam preparation also includes seminars and understanding the capability of the fundamentals of project management.

  • Push and stretch your strengths to get through the exam.

  • Attend the classes regularly to complete your exam preparation easily

  • Be accustomed to the language

  • Project management components, the role of a project manager, project management integration and related areas of project management cover the entire module of the exam preparation.
Complete the PMP Exam preparation and get through the exam to get exposed in the work field. Use your skills and techniques and be a responsible and wanted project manager.

Why is CCba Certification important for your career?

Degrees, certifications, vocational training, internships all happen to be for a definite purpose. The purpose aims towards a common interest as to pursue your career with a definite dimension. If you have dreamt of becoming a business analyst then this information will help you.
Objectives of CCba Certification

However brilliant your profile may look like CCba certification is completely different. Read the following points to know more about the CCba certification.

Career objective –

Dreaming of becoming a business analyst feels good but to achieve that you need to know about certain things. The role of a business analyst is to assess the business model and plan according to the requirement of the company. Before getting entitled as a business analyst prepare for the certification to get recognized.

Competitors Race –

Be a unique competitor to impress job providers rather than blindly searching for jobs. No-matter you wish to appear for the PMP Exam Prep or CCba Certification the same guide books are followed. Allow the companies to distinguish between a normal candidate and a certified one. Certified candidates are hired by the companies to maintain the company's level. Even in this saturated market make more opportunities for you.

CCba Competencies –

With an experience of a few years you can even put an end to your regular turmoil. To get promoted or to start with a new purpose CCba certification can be availed by the candidates. An ECB designation, Production managers, Non-BA consultants, Trainers and even Hybrid Business Analysis Professionals can get fruitful results from this.

Salary hike –

Look out for professionals with similar designations and know about the salary structure. If you wish to earn more from such candidates then become a CCba recipient and earn more compared to the contemporaries. Rather than expecting a miracle to happen lookout for a practical solution and pursue this training to be certified personnel.

Make a mark and leave your footprints in this industry and provide wings to your career. Turn out your dreams into reality and experience wonders. A wise decision can change your life, so choose the best career alternative.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Get Ready for Your PMP and ECBA Certification Exam

PMP certification is one of the most valued certifications in the field of Project Management that a professional can gain. However, it does require a lot of work experience to become eligible for the same. Even if you become eligible for the certification exam, you shall have to concentrate a lot of time as well as dedication towards your PMP prep. If you talk about ECBA certification, it is one of the most suitable certifications for people who have just started off with their careers in the field of Business Analysis or wish to start a new career in the field. Clearing the same also requires dedicated Business Analyst Training. Here are some of the tips for the aspirants that might help them out in their PMP and ECBA certification exam based on their professional choice.
Getting Ready for the PMP Exam:
  • Join the Local PMI Group: Joining local PMI groups allow the project management professionals to get in contact with highly experienced professionals who already have the PMP certification. Meeting them on a regular basis would allow you to get rid of your doubts, alongside learning from their very own experiences.
  • Have a good grasp over the PMBok: The complete layout of the PMP exam is based on the basics that are mentioned in the PMBok. Having a grasp of all the standards and the guidelines mentioned in the PMBok can be of great help while you finally attempt your PMP certification Exam after proper PMP prep.
  • Attempt Mock Tests: Mock tests are the best ways to improve and brush up your PMP prep. It allows you to assess your prep levels and also gives you an insight into the final PMP certification exam. It is also helpful in teaching you the importance of time management while appearing for the certification exam.
Getting Ready for the ECBA Exam:
  • Go through the Course Content: Do not make the mistake of studying from the outdated study material. The first and foremost thing that must be done by every ECBA applicant before starting their Business Analyst Training is to go through the ECBA course content that is available on the official IIBA portal to start off on the right note.
  • Join Online Discussions: Online discussion forums are the best sources to collect highly informative data regarding Business Analyst Training. Moreover, it allows you to get in touch with ECBA aspirants from all around the world, allowing you to generate contacts in a broader range.
  • Have a good grasp over the BAKok: BAKok knowledge guide works out the same way for business analysis professionals as PMBok works for project management professionals. Anyone having a good enough grasp of the data mentioned in the BAKok guide should be easily able to clear the ECBA exam in their very first attempt.
Working hard is really necessary to grab the above-mentioned certification. However, working smart is even more important. Following the above-mentioned points alongside working hard towards your exam prep can actually make your prep much more effective. However, if you do not follow the above-mentioned steps but work really hard, all your hard work might not be able to pay off. Moreover, keeping in mind the current market needs, we would suggest you grab your certifications right now and boost your career.